FlexxiRent – The perfect PABX rental that is in sight but out of mind.

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Get connected with an IP PABX rental phone system without the worries of owning and maintaining it all. SPOC offers businesses the option of having an IP PABX rental solution installed on-premise. This PABX finance option is costed at a monthly amount. The customer signs an agreement with SPOC for a certain time frame. Handsets can also be included in the PABX finance option or purchased outright. The FlexxiRent solutions can also be installed with a TMS (Telephone Management System)

Features and Benefits

Unified Communications like the PABX rental provides users with unparalleled business features:

Lower Cost Of Ownership

The start-up cost of a PABX rental like FlexxiRental is significantly lower than purchasing a traditional PABX. This PABX finance option provides ongoing savings with unlimited local and long-distance calling or flat rate pricing. It smooths out cash flow requirements and frees up cash for other needs.

Geographical Freedom

FlexxiRental can route calls to wherever employees are located; they don’t have to be in the office. Employees and sub-contractors can telecommute and take calls on their cell phones or home lines. This PABX feature allows for a completely virtual company, reducing office overhead expenses.


With FlexxiRental, companies can start with a small number of extensions on their PABX and grow to any size without phone system constraints or hardware upgrades. This makes managing growth easy and sustainable.

Maintenance and Upgrades

With a FlexxiRental from SPOC, all day-to-day operations and maintenance of the PABX is performed by SPOC. Companies also gain access to the latest technology automatically with all upgrades handled by SPOC. FlexxiRental offers 24x7 management and monitoring at no extra charge to ensure the smooth operation of its customers’ phone communications.

Full Site Inspection

We conduct full site assessments. Understanding customer needs, future plans, current and future limitations ensure we propose solutions that are not just cutting edge but customised to address your requirements.

Technical Experts

Fully qualified technicians that are qualified to install to industry standards and norms. Technicians whom are serious about making sure that the customer experience of the work delivered is inline with customer expectations.

Health & Safety and BBBEE Compliant

With customers in a wide array of categories in South Africa. We have been required to comply with stringent H&S requirements. Having a SPOC team onsite means the customer have technicians onsite that are aware of the dangers and impacts of our work on the customer. We are also a Level 2 BBBEE verified company.

How does pricing work?

FlexxiRent is charged at an affordable per user fee monthly.

The FlexxiRent PABX Finance Option is charged at an affordable per user fee monthly. The user fee includes the hardware selected, with a built-in Service Level Agreement. Extensions can be increased or decreased as needed and there will always be a fixed cost per extension user per month.

FlexxiRent is available on 3 – 60 months contracts.

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