FlexxiOwn – On-Premise business PBX

FlexxiOwn on-premise business PBX solutions cater for small to large businesses. SPOC offers a range of cost-effective to premium on-premise PBX Telephone Management Solutions. Offering full-featured unified communications solutions. FlexxiOwn solutions can also be installed with the right TMS (Telephone Management System) that your business needs.

Service Level Agreements (SLA)

SLA’s with response times are tailor made for individual business needs.
Ensuring your PBX solution is in perfect working order.


On- site or Remote support. Our technicians are trained to install and support all our on-premise PBX offerings. Solutions can also be done in such a manner, that remote support is possible.


Whether your company needs are a capital (CAPEX) investment or a financed (OPEX) investment. FlexxiHost can be tailored to your requirements.


FlexxiOwn solutions can be completely scalable. With the correct pre-planning and implemantion, an on-premise PBX can offer future growth.

The FlexxiOwn telephone system solution provides users with all the benefits of a VoIP system. The unified communications platform offers more than just that though:

Full Site Inspection

We conduct full site assessments. Understanding customer needs, future plans, current and future limitations ensure we propose solutions that are not just cutting edge but customised to address your requirements.

Technical Experts

Fully qualified technicians that are qualified to install to industry standards and norms. Technicians whom are serious about making sure that the customer experience of the work delivered is inline with customer expectations.

Health & Safety and BBBEE Compliant

With customers in a wide array of categories in South Africa. We have been required to comply with stringent H&S requirements. Having a SPOC team onsite means the customer have technicians onsite that are aware of the dangers and impacts of our work on the customer. We are also a Level 2 BBBEE verified company.

Who should use FlexxiOwn?

FlexxiOwn will work perfectly for those companies who wish to have the PBX installed on their premise. Often these are companies with security requirement and also wish to have control over the PBX.

How does pricing work?

FlexxiOwn is can either be purchased or financed. SPOC has an agreement with finance houses to make the application process as fluid as possible.

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