FlexxiHost – Your Cloud Hosted PBX Solution

Now Businesses of any size can enjoy the functionality and professionalism offered by a cloud-hosted PBX system. The same features that were usually only available to corporates or businesses who could make a substantial investment in a Business PBX solution are now available to anyone. The FlexxiHost cloud-hosted PBX solutions bring an array of options to the business owner. Cutting costs by reducing capital outlay, and even insurance for on-premise equipment.

Hardware requirements needed for a hosted PBX solution are also reduced, reducing the number of times a technician might be called to the site.

Service Level Agreements (SLA)

SLA’s with response times are tailor made for individual business needs.
Ensuring your Hosted solution is in perfect working order and always ready to receive and make calls.


With FlexxiHost the amount of times a technician needs to come to site has been reduced. Remote support is also made much easier now. Technicians less on site, means less costs incurred by the customer.


With the reduced amount of hardware needed for a Hosted PBX solution, SPOC now offers business the option of an outright purchase, or monthly payments. These options can include your hardware, or not.


FlexxiHost solutions are fully expandable. They allow you to start and grow as your needs arise.

Who should use FlexxiHost?

The FlexxiHost cloud-hosted PBX solutions are available to any business. Consideration by the customer needs to be given to elements like budget, scalability and use. FlexxiHost is scalable with extensions, mobile apps and desktop apps. For companies that also prefer to cost their monthly telecommunication costs against an OPEX model, FlexxiHost is ideal.

Who should use FlexxiOwn?

FlexxiOwn will work perfectly for those companies who wish to have the PBX installed on their premise. Often these are companies with security requirement and also wish to have control over the PBX.

How does pricing work?

FlexxiOwn is can either be purchased or financed. SPOC has an agreement with finance houses to make the application process as fluid as possible.

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